Busy Weekend

19-20 August 2023 This weekend was extra full of crafts and fibre-y goodness.   On Saturday, my local Guild of spinners, weavers and dyers had their annual garden party. This involves a fleece sale, raffle, shared lunch, quiz etc and the usual society business and sales table. As a bonus, a work colleague of mine …

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Wool Foraging

  We all see those tempting tufts of wool stuck to fences and grass tussocks when we’re out and about. I’ve decided to start a collection from various locations with the aim of turning them (eventually) into some sort of crafted travelogue. On last week’s trip to north-east Yorkshire, I was on the lookout for …

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Fleecey Goodness

21/08/2023 I always like to sort and wash raw fleeces as soon as possible after getting them. If I keep them outside I worry about mice, insects and damp. If I keep them inside it feels unhygienic, a bit pongy and can still attract moths etc to my precious stash. This evening (Monday) after a …

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